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Top List of 20 Places Where You Can Find a Rich Husband in Abuja

It is the dream of many Nigerian ladies to find a rich husband before the age of 30. Although not many will openly admit this, because they will hide behind the guise of being independent and not ready to settle down.

But as soon as they meet a rich guy, they are ready to throw caution to the wind and find ways to make him propose to them. Some of them even subscribe to blogs that provide information on how to attract and keep a man.

Top List of 20 Places Where You Can Find a Rich Husband in Abuja

Well, if you belong to this category of ladies, and have been finding it difficult to find a rich husband, then maybe you have been searching the wrong places. Below is a list of places where you can find a rich husband in Abuja:

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  1. COZA (young well packaged rich guys worship God there. Go dressed up though)
  2. Nicon Hilton poolside (C.E.O’s and Young professionals chill there a lot)
  3. Posh weddings (try and get invites to these weddings, it’s totally worth it. Pay the bouncers to get in if it’s strictly by invitation only. Don’t worry it’s a worthwhile investment)
  4. NNPC HQentrance or exit (especially after work by 4:30. The catch will certainly be older)
  5. Cold stone (Dominos pizza wuse 2)
  6. House on the Rock (If you’ve been to the branch in Lagos, what do you expect from the one in Abuja)
  7. Sheraton Hotels Abuja (If your target is government money, then this is the place to get a piece of the national cake for yourself)
  8. The cafe at Grand Square (Yes. If you are single and looking for a good single man living above the minimum wage)
  9. Panache Restaurant and Dunes Restaurant (their food don’t come cheap but if you bent on finding a rich husband then it’s totally worth it)
  10. Protea Hotel Asokoro (we hear Politicians goes there a lot)
  11. Grills in and out (you can try their self-grill while you looking out for that young rich future husband)
  12. City View Restaurant & Grill, Abuja
  13. Drumsticks (especially the one close to Banex)
  14. British village (rich guys from different nationalities are found here)
  15. Play Lounge (famz the likes of George Okoro if necessary, very important)
  16. The Bank (heavy ballers club there, try and make Uyi Ogbebor the Benin big boy your friend)
  17. Crave at House of Cubana (this place is tested and trusted, Rejoice sure knows the heavy spenders. Court his friendship if you must)
  18. House 43on Gana street maitama (we recommend you order their jollof rice while you wait for him to spot you)
  19. Silver bird (especially @woks and koi, ticket floor, and Pandora)
  20. Saffron (if your target is oyinbo then that’s where to go) This list is not comprehensive but please don’t forget to let us know when you find that rich husband so we can celebrate with you. This year will not pass you by.

May God bless your hustle.

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