When it comes to s3x, the more you know, the better. It is better to learn and be self-conscious than to be ignorant.

Ageing alters not just your stamina, but also your appetite. You may experience a dip in your libi*do, hampering the frequency and nature of your passionate moments with your partner.

If s3xual health issues such as vaginal dryness, joint pains, low desire for s3x and more are playing spoilsport for you, try winning your s3x drive back.

Experts have emphasized on the need for a proper exercise regime and the consumption of a balanced diet to maintain overall health. Boosting s3x drive and s3xual stamina can also benefit from this.

You can also try to include some libi*do-boosting drinks and foods to keep the spice alive in your s3x life.

Here are the 4 natural drinks that increase your libi*do and s3x drive:

1. Green tea

4 Natural drinks that increase your s3x drive

Green tea is not just a wonder drink for weight loss, but can also rev up your s3xual desire. It comprises rich compounds called catechins which promote blood flow to your nether regions. That helps to increase s3x drive.

2. Red wine

4 Natural drinks that increase your s3x drive

Research has shown that wine can increase s3xual arousal in both men and women. In fact, if you like it, consuming two glasses of red wine can boost the s3x drive in women. In men, red wine can increase testosterone.

It is, however, important not to go overboard.

3. Banana shake

4 Natural drinks that increase your s3x drive

This combination goes beyond giving your body physical strength and can also increase your s3x drive. According to experts, bananas have bromelain enzyme which increases libi*do and testosterone in men. Don’t think twice before including this in your daily intake to treat low libi*do.

4. Coffee

4 Natural drinks that increase your s3x drive

Coffee, as we all know, is a mood enhancer. Packed with caffeine, coffee is said to be beneficial for s3x drive in both men and women.

According to research, men who consumed coffee every day were at a lower risk of erectile dysfunction.