Nurturing Future Leaders: A Glimpse into Wuye Premier Schools. Abuja’s bustling neighborhood of Wuye is home to a cluster of distinguished educational institutions, each with a unique vision and commitment to excellence. Let’s take a closer look at these schools that are shaping the minds and character of the future leaders.

Pacesetters’ School: Crafting Global Leaders

About Pacesetters’ School:

Pacesetters’ School stands tall as a co-educational private international school, nestled in the heart of Abuja. Founded on September 9, 2002, by the dynamic duo Barr. Kenneth Imansuangbon and Mrs. Kate Imansuangbon, it is a beacon of exceptional education.

Their Vision:

To provide a holistic and qualitative education in a tranquil and conducive academic environment, cultivating total individuals poised for a future filled with boundless opportunities.


136 Idris Gidado St, Utako 900108, Ankuru, Federal Capital Territory

Contact Details:

0803 352 0718

Christabel Schools: Nurturing Trailblazers of Tomorrow

About Christabel Schools:

Christabel Schools, an inclusive private Christian institution, is dedicated to the development of world-class leaders. Rooted in Godly principles, they are committed to instilling excellence in every student.

Their Vision:

Striving for academic brilliance while embedding good character training. They offer a tailored, high-standard academic program equipping learners with the skills and knowledge for a changing world.


Zone B3, Plot 649, off Idris Gidado Street Wuye, Abuja

Contact Details:


Royal Family Academy School: Nurturing Holistic Excellence

About Royal Family Academy School:

A Christian school that provides an individualistic and nurturing learning environment, where learners receive holistic instruction across academic, social, physical, and spiritual domains.

Their Vision:

To raise dynamic, distinguished, and innovative Christian leaders, impacting society as vessels thoroughly furnished for all good works.


Plot 648, Idris Gidado Way, Wuye Abuja Nigeria

Contact Details:

+234 818 253 5981

Hillfort Preparatory School: Fostering Innovators and Leaders

About Hillfort Preparatory School:

Dedicated to raising the next generation of innovators, world changers, leaders, and entrepreneurs, Hillfort Preparatory is a beacon of educational excellence.

Their Vision:

Existing to develop the next wave of innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs shaping the future of our country and Africa.


Plot 699 Idris Gidado St, Wuye 900287, Ankuru, Federal Capital Territory.

Contact Details:

+234 80 7723 1932

KIA Lakeside Academy: Where Excellence Knows No Bounds

About KIA Lakeside Academy:

Nestled in the serene suburb of Wuye, KIA Lakeside Academy is an exclusive reputable school for ages 2-16. Its purpose-built campus offers a comfortable, colorful, and conducive environment for teaching and learning.

Their Vision:

To combine cutting-edge teaching strategies with dynamic subject matter, providing learners with the skills and knowledge necessary for national and international success.

Location :

Plot 1176, Babafemi Ogundipe Boulevard, Cadastral Zone B03, Wuye, Abuja

Contact Details:


Golden Olives Academy: Fostering a Legacy of Knowledge and Faith

Nestled in the heart of Abuja, Golden Olives Academy stands as a beacon of educational excellence. This top-class institution caters to a wide range of educational needs, from crèche and playschool to nursery and primary levels. What sets it apart is its unique blend of British-Nigerian and Islamic curricula, creating an environment where Muslim children not only receive a strong educational foundation but also imbibe Islamic values.

Educational Synergy:

Golden Olives Academy takes pride in offering a seamless fusion of British-Nigerian and Islamic educational systems. This ensures that students not only acquire academic knowledge but also develop a deep understanding of Islamic ethos.

Nurturing Global Citizens:

The academy’s vision extends beyond academics. It aims to consolidate contemporary knowledge while promoting Islamic values in children. Their goal is to foster, nurture, and transform students into global citizens with Islamic morals, illuminating every path they tread.

Location :

Plot 538, Kabiru Usman Street, off Ken Nnamani Crescent Wuye, Abuja

Contact Details:

0810 789 9512

Salem Hills International Schools: Where Intelligence Meets Integrity

Salem Hills International Schools, a Christian Mission school located at the heart of Abuja, stands as a testament to inclusivity and excellence. With open arms, it welcomes children from all races, ethnicities, and religions, providing a nurturing environment where young minds can thrive.

A Master Plan for Excellence:

The school is committed to promoting child excellence through a carefully crafted nurture and build-up approach. This method allows students to not only excel academically but also develop as balanced intellectuals, endowed with the freedom to be creative and the confidence to face adversity head-on.

Intelligence with Integrity:

Salem Hills International School’s vision is clear – it aspires to raise children who seamlessly combine intelligence with integrity. By instilling the right values, the school equips students to be the change-makers of tomorrow.


PLOT 82, B16 Wuye junction Tunde Idiagbon way, FCT Abuja.

Contact Details: