Abuja Sugar Mummy Discovers Lover’s Married Status, Expresses Disappointment

sugar Mummy

In a viral revelation, a married woman residing in Abuja, known to be a sugar mummy, has expressed profound disappointment upon discovering that her romantic partner is also married. The story has captivated attention on social media platforms.

Reportedly, the woman’s spouse resides abroad, while she maintains a relationship with another man locally, whom she supports financially and engages with intimately as needed. Utilizing funds provided by her husband from overseas, she actively contributed to her lover’s welfare, including assisting him in securing accommodation using her husband’s money.

However, her world was shattered when she unearthed the truth about her partner’s marital status. After investing two years into the relationship and financially supporting him, she learned that he was married and had children of his own. The revelation came abruptly when the man’s wife sent him a message expressing her and their son’s longing for his presence.

Expressing her frustration and anger, the woman lamented the lack of fidelity she encountered in her romantic endeavors. She had envisioned a future with her partner and had invested emotionally and financially in their relationship, only to be met with betrayal and deceit.


In her candid reflection, she questioned the existence of faithful men, grappling with the disillusionment of her romantic aspirations.

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