Alleged Cases of Missing Genitals Trigger Mob Justice in Abuja Outskirts,residents of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and its outskirts have been caught up in a wave of hysteria surrounding alleged cases of stolen genitals. Reports emerged from the Abacha Road area of Mararaba, just outside Abuja, where a middle-aged man was surrounded and confronted by an enraged mob after being accused of pilfering another man’s reproductive organs.

One eyewitness, identified as Taiwo, shared a video on WhatsApp, attesting to the incident. According to Taiwo, the accused individual eventually returned what he had allegedly taken, fearing severe consequences if he did not comply. Remarkably, the mob decided against involving the police, citing a lack of trust in their ability to secure the stolen organ’s return.

Subsequently, authorities intervened, confirming the intact functionality of the purported victim’s sex organ through evaluations conducted at a nearby government hospital.On the same day, at Sharp Corner Bus Stop in Mararaba, another individual faced a similar accusation.

The crowd swiftly descended upon the accused, nearly resorting to lynching. The police, however, stepped in to prevent further harm. Tragically, it was later revealed that this particular case was based on a false alarm. Regrettably, the accused individual suffered serious injuries, and his vehicle was set ablaze.Such incidents have become disconcertingly frequent across the Federal Capital Territory and its environs.

From Lugbe to Bwari, Gwagwalada to Nyanya, scarcely a day passes without reports of mob action targeting individuals allegedly involved in genital theft.Faced with this distressing trend, male residents in the area are resorting to unconventional measures. Many now carry chunks of charcoal and alligator pepper, believed to possess protective properties against genital thieves.In response to this crisis, the FCT Police Command has taken a stern stance, arresting and charging 14 individuals with disseminating false information about the disappearance of their genitals.

FCT Commissioner of Police, Haruna Garba, noted that when evaluated, the individuals making false claims were found to have intact and fully functional reproductive organs.While these allegations of missing genitals may seem bizarre, they are not unique to the FCT. The phenomenon has surfaced in various parts of the country, with the FCT being the latest hotspot.

It is suspected that this wave may have migrated from neighbouring Nasarawa State, where it reached its peak in August.Authorities in Nasarawa State were compelled to issue a statement on September 23, 2023, warning against the propagation of false alarms and vigilantism related to missing genitals. Medical examinations, they emphasized, consistently yielded no evidence of any actual disappearance.

Similarly, the Cross River State Government addressed and refuted rumors of missing genitals in the Calabar metropolis and surrounding areas just last month.Medical experts suggest that individuals propagating claims of stolen genitals may be suffering from Koro Syndrome, a psychiatric disorder characterized by acute anxiety attacks and a mistaken belief in the retraction of sex organs.In light of these events, it is imperative that the public be cautioned against resorting to mob justice, which poses a threat to civil order and can result in severe harm to innocent individuals.

Those wrongly accused must be afforded justice, while false alarmists and members of mobs must face legal consequences for their actions. Fortunately, timely police intervention has prevented fatalities thus far, but the potential for serious harm remains.