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BBTitans Day 2: Ipeleng nevervous as she share her first night with Mmeli (video)

Mmeli and Ipeleng share an intimate evening.

After winning the first Head of House challenge, Mmeli had the luxury of occupying the HoH lounge. Biggie offered Mmeli the opportunity to share the lounge with a housemate, and it was Ipeleng who made the cut of being his deputy.

The evening started off on an awkward note as Ipeleng seemed tense and stressed, leaving the audience confused about their new-found friendship. Social media was abuzz with many viewers saying she’s overlooking things after preparing endlessly all day. Earlier in the day, the conflicted Ipeleng confided in Tsatsii about her trepidation regarding the night that was awaiting her. Could it be that she is scared of the brewing friendship?

At the end of the evening, she seemed to have let her hair her down by having some fun, but social media wasn’t letting this go.

Is Ipeleng’s concern warranted?

Watch the video below:

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