Bode George Drops Bombshell: Late Wigwe, Elumelu, Emefiele Linked to Banking Corruption in Nigeria

Bode George

In a recent video, Chief Bode George, a prominent figure within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has leveled serious accusations against several key figures in Nigeria’s banking industry, including the late Access Bank CEO, Herbert Wigwe. The allegations, which have stirred controversy, come shortly before news of Wigwe’s tragic demise.

George alleges that Wigwe, along with other notable figures such as UBA’s CEO Tony Elumelu and former CBN governor Godwin Emefiele, were involved in corrupt practices within the Nigerian banking sector. Specifically, he claims that these individuals profited greatly from the mismanagement of funds.

According to George, dollars intended for various purposes were given to these bank CEOs on a monthly basis. However, instead of using the funds for their intended purposes, they allegedly diverted them for personal gain. George asserts that they would sell these dollars on the black market, including to Aboki and BDC traders, thereby making substantial profits at the expense of the Nigerian people.

The elder statesman’s allegations paint a troubling picture of corruption within the banking sector, suggesting that those entrusted with managing financial resources for the benefit of the nation were instead enriching themselves unlawfully. The claims have sparked widespread debate and scrutiny, particularly given the timing of Wigwe’s untimely death.

While many mourners have highlighted Wigwe’s significant contributions to the banking industry, George’s assertions raise questions about his legacy and the broader integrity of Nigeria’s financial institutions. The video has circulated widely, prompting further investigation and calls for accountability within the banking sector.

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