Climate Resilience Financing and Environmental Sustainability. A gathering of esteemed environmental experts in Abuja expressed their unwavering commitment to intensifying efforts in addressing the critical issue of climate change in Nigeria. This determination was vocalized during individual interviews at the Association for Environmental Impact Assessment of Nigeria (AEIAN) award ceremony and luncheon, marking the culmination of the 7th Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting.

Under the theme “Impact Assessment: Climate Resilience, Financing, and Environmental Sustainability,” the conference provided a platform for deep discussions on the crucial intersection of climate resilience, financial backing, and ecological sustainability.

Prof. Ijeoma Vincent-Akpu, the distinguished President of AEIAN and a recipient of an award, emphasized the global nature of the climate crisis and the imperative for collaborative deliberations to find viable solutions.

We have been working on advocacy on climate change where we involve school children plant trees to mitigate climate change, so I believe this award will spur me and the association to do more,Prof. Vincent-Akpu asserted.

We are also looking at mitigation measures, things that can help us to mitigate climate change, planting of trees. There are so many things we can do; we try to remove plastic pollution from the ocean because the trees and ocean are one of the things we can use to mitigate climate change,” she added.

The president urged all participants to actively contribute to the cause of environmental sustainability.

Dr. John Alonge, a retired director of Environmental Assessment at the Federal Ministry of Environment and also an awardee, regarded the award as a call to further service.

This is an association that looks at developmental activities at projects level, planning policy and programme level. This is an association that looks at the consequential levels of proposed projects, putting the plights of citizens at heart,” he articulated.

Mr. Robert Eze, Chief Operating Officer of PGM Nigeria Ltd., also an awardee, highlighted the extensive training initiatives on climate change undertaken by his company.

He underscored the universal nature of climate change, stressing the urgent need for collective action.

The unwavering dedication of these experts signals a resolute push towards more comprehensive and effective strategies in mitigating the impact of climate change, underscoring the urgency of the global issue at hand.