Dangote Refinery: Over 30,000 Skilled Nigerians Collaborated with Expatriates in Construction

Dangote Petroleum Refinery Crude

The management of Dangote Refinery has come forward to address a report circulated on various online platforms, suggesting that the company predominantly employed 11,000 skilled workers from India, overlooking Nigerian youths and other African nationals.

Responding to the allegations, Anthony Chiejina, the Group Chief Branding & Communications Officer, refuted the report’s accuracy, labeling it as maliciously crafted and lacking in representing the actual number of skilled Nigerian workers on the project.

Chiejina emphasized that a massive project like the Dangote Refinery necessitates the involvement of specialized skilled workforce from across the globe. Contrary to the misleading report, over 30,000 Nigerians were actively engaged as part of the skilled workforce during the peak of construction at the Refinery complex.

Moreover, the project also saw the collaboration of 6,400 skilled Indian workers and 3,250 Chinese workers, further illustrating its international scope and significance.

The Group Chief Branding & Communications Officer commended the Nigerian workers for their high level of technical expertise, which led to the discovery of numerous hidden skills among them. This showcased the tremendous potential and capabilities of the local workforce.

Chiejina urged the public to disregard such misleading and distorted reports and instead, focus on acknowledging the positive impact of the Dangote Refinery project on Nigeria’s economy and the well-being of its citizens. He reiterated that Dangote Group remains committed to being a leading force in employment generation, contributing to the nation’s progress and development.