“Divorce isn’t something to be celebrated” – Justin Dean knocks Korra Obidi for celebrating ‘failure’

Justin Dean, ex-husband of dancer Korra Obidi, has knocked the latter for celebrating their divorce.

"Divorce isn’t something to be celebrated" - Justin Dean knocks Korra Obidi for celebrating ‘failure’

Korra excitedly announced that the divorce has been finalised in a Facebook post on Saturday. She wrote:

“I just want us to cheers to victory. I am not going to say what I am not supposed to say because some details are confidential. However, this is going to be a cheers to the future, to victory and success in the future. Cheers to the past things, to moving on and to new beginnings.

“Finalized divorce!!! I am a free woman and hopefully moving on in peace for the sake of my children. This wouldn’t be the end of the road for me love wise. I’m still looking for love, love is a beautiful thing and I will not allow this experiences deter me from finding true love. Divorced!!!!”

However, in a Facebook live video Justin condemned Korra Obidi’s celebration of their divorce.

While Korra called it a victory, Justin stated that the divorce represents failure. He said:

“Divorce isn’t something to be celebrated. It represents failure. The message I want my daughters to hear. My duty is to raise them right.”

Korra and Justin Dean made headlines in March when the latter announced they are getting a divorce one week after they welcomed their second child.

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