Facebook Dating Review (Updated 2023)

Well, it’s come full circle. The app that used to be forced to link to all the dating sites has decided to stop being the middleman and created its own dating app. That’s right, we are talking about Facebook Dating. 

Now, you might expect us to just start off on a hate train like a lot of other sites do. We get it, Facebook isn’t exactly revered for their privacy and data security. However, we want to be as fair as possible and look at all pros and cons for what they are.

That’s why we’ve gone through literally every aspect of the Facebook Dating App. From the quality of the users to the cost of service, we got the scoop on it all. If you are considering giving Facebook Dating a try, check out our rating and review first.

Is Facebook Dating Worth It? – The Bottom Line Upfront

And honestly is anyone really surprised by that? I mean how often do you see posts saying things like, “Sorry if anyone got some weird messages from me. I was hacked”. Well, if anyone was wondering, that same group of scammers, catfish, and other weirdos are absolutely looking to take advantage of the singles on Facebook Dating.

But maybe you’re fine with having your online dating life connected to a Facebook account (despite it being well known for privacy issues, data leaks, and selling your info for targeted advertising). Does that mean you should give Facebook dating a try? After all, it is free to use right?

Not at all… While it is true that existing Facebook users only need to opt in, this does not imply that the service is free. We say this because, just like other Facebook users who lie about their age, you’ll spend a lot of your precious time being ghosted, avoiding catfish, or blocking underage FB dating individuals.

And despite Facebook’s prominence, not many individuals (particularly in the US) use Facebook Dating. And from what we can gather, nothing is improving. Facebook dating is completely unknown to about 60% of Facebook users. That, in our opinion, speaks a lot about the product.

The bottom line is this – you can try Facebook Dating if you want (since it’s free), but it’s really really not designed for anything serious or meaningful. And with as few features as it offers we really can’t expect it to. Unless some serious changes happen, it will sit beside sites like Omegle, helping folks encounter people they’ll wish they hadn’t.

You owe it to yourself to look in the correct places if you’re looking for love online. You won’t necessarily have to spend a bunch, though. The majority of the best dating apps offer free trials so you can evaluate the functions and caliber of singles as long as you like. After that, if you still feel that it is worthwhile, you can choose to upgrade for more features and access. For instance, you may decide to pay $12.50 per month for Zoosk (a dating service with more than 40 million users worldwide that has sparked thousands of partnerships).

We urge you to check out some of the dating apps listed below if you want to avoid the games on Facebook Dating and meet truly matched matches online. You’ll thank us later.

Pros and Cons of the Facebook Dating App


  • Facebook Dating is completely free to use. 
  • If you already have a Facebook, you don’t need to sign up for a new app. You simply opt in and start searching.
  • Those who are not great at technology but do understand social media find that Facebook Dating is easy enough for them to use.
  • Integration with Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.
  • You can quickly build a detailed and personal profile.


  • Scammers, hackers, and underage users are everywhere.
  • You can’t get around linking this one to Facebook and its well known flaws (for obvious reasons).
  • There are many more privacy concerns with using Facebook Dating than with other dating apps.
  • Not many people are using Facebook Dating.
  • FB Dating is currently not desktop compatible.
  • Most users agree Facebook dating is not good.

Who Facebook Dating Is Good For

  • Singles with an existing Facebook page that don’t want to download a new app. 
  • Individuals who find traditional dating apps too complicated to navigate.
  • Singles who want a totally free dating experience no matter what. 

Who Facebook Dating Might Not Be Best For

  • Singles who don’t use or want to use Facebook.
  • Those looking for true compatibility and meaningful interactions.
  • Those who want to keep their personal information safely separated from their dating profile. 
  • Younger singles who are tech savvy and capable of navigating more complex dating apps. 

How to Sign Up for Facebook Dating

  • Download and sign up for Facebook if you haven’t already
  • Sign into your account.
  • Touch the 3 lines ( to open the menu ).
  • Choose dating
  • Follow the on screen prompts and answer questions about your dating preferences.

How Much Does Facebook Dating Cost?

For consistency sake we’ve added a table to show the pricing of the FB dating app but the bottom line is it’s completely and totally free! And we’ve seen nothing anywhere online to suggest that they plan on changing this.

If you just want to get your feet wet and see what online dating is like Facebook has made it incredibly easy offering similar features to services like Tinder, Hinge, and Badoo, but with absolutely no premiums or upgrades.

Customer Support Options

If you are looking to be able to call a great customer service rep and get your problems resolved quickly, look elsewhere. Facebook Dating is totally free, which is great, but kind of removes a sense of obligation when it comes to offering customer support. Instead, you are given a set of FAQs to search through and not much else.

FAQ – Answering Your Questions About the Facebook Dating App

Is Facebook Dating good for finding Long-term relationships?

Although some users of the Facebook Dating app may discover true love there, the platform is more generally better suited for hookups and temporary relationships. We advise looking at our reviews of dating websites like EliteSingles, ChristianMingle, and eHarmony if you’re searching for something more serious.

Do I have to have a Facebook account to use Facebook Dating?

Yes. Facebook Dating is an addition to the main Facebook app rather than a standalone application. To use Facebook Dating, you must be able to sign into Facebook.

Does Facebook dating notify my friends?

The Facebook Dating app is built so that your regular Facebook profile will never be impacted by what you do in Facebook Dating. Your dating profile isn’t visible on your main profile and FB dating will never post to your newsfeed or share your dating activity.

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