FCTA Announces Plan to Crush Impounded Vehicles Failing Integrity Tests

Impounded vehicles in Abuja

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has disclosed its intention to crush some of the over 130 impounded vehicles that have failed integrity tests. Abdulateef Bello, the Director of the Department of Road Traffic Services (DRTS), made this announcement during a media tour of the impounded vehicles across various offices in Abuja.

Bello explained that the impounded vehicles would undergo standard verification processes for registration, roadworthiness, and other necessary checks. Those that do not meet the minimum standards will be subject to destruction.

Furthermore, Bello stated that owners of some of the impounded vehicles would be summoned to appear before mobile courts to face penalties as prescribed by law.

“Some vehicles’ owners will face mobile courts, where penalties will be decided upon. However, there are certain vehicles that will not be allowed back on the road. Owners will be asked to salvage valuables from these vehicles before they are crushed,” Bello remarked.

He also mentioned that individuals arrested for crimes committed under the guise of commercial operations would be handed over to the police for prosecution.

Bello disclosed that 130 vehicles were impounded in the last two weeks during evening raids. Most of these vehicles, he noted, posed as commercial vehicles while engaging in criminal activities within the city.

“Our aim is to restore order to the city, eliminate insecurity, and ensure smooth traffic flow,” Bello emphasized.

He affirmed that operations would persist until all substandard vehicles associated with criminal activities were eradicated from the city.

Bello highlighted the efforts of DRTS in reducing criminal activities, particularly incidents of “one chance” robberies in the FCT. He noted that the department has been enforcing regulations to confine taxi operations to designated parks rather than on the streets.

Bello urged residents to refrain from patronizing taxis and other vehicles operating outside authorized parks.

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