FCTA Takes Swift Action: 5,000 Unapproved Structures Demolished in Gishiri, Abuja


FCTA Takes Swift Action: 5,000 Unapproved Structures Demolished in Gishiri, Abuja

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FCTA Demolition Sites in Abuja

In a bid to safeguard the integrity of Abuja’s master plan, the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has carried out a significant demolition exercise in the Gishiri village extension area of Katampe District. Approximately 5,000 shanties and illegal developments, including unapproved buildings in a green area designated for recreational purposes, were removed to restore order and uphold the city’s planned development.

The Development Control Department’s District Monitor for Katampe and Mabushi, Samson Atureta, affirmed that the enforcement team meticulously followed due procedures, obtaining necessary approvals for the removal of encroachments. The exercise aims to reclaim the plots for their lawful allottees who were unable to take possession due to the unauthorized subdivision and sale of land by some individuals.

Speaking about the ongoing removal exercise during a visit to Gishiri, Atureta highlighted that legitimate allottees have now begun erecting new perimeter fences to reclaim their rightful plots. The FCTA’s diligent approach to the demolition process ensures that only structures with legal approval for development remain untouched, while illegal and unauthorized structures are cleared to restore the area to its intended purpose.

He emphasized that the green area around the foot of Katampe hill, originally reserved for recreational development, was also reclaimed during the exercise. By enforcing strict adherence to land-use regulations, the FCTA aims to create a serene environment in Gishiri, promoting planned and sustainable urban growth.

In addition to removing the unauthorized structures, the FCTA is actively reaching out to rightful plot owners to address any encroachment issues and ensure a seamless process for legal allottees. With around 60-70% of the illegalities already cleared, the administration remains committed to restoring order and preserving the sanctity of Abuja’s master plan.

The operation was carried out by the FCT Development Control Department officials, supported by a joint team of security personnel, utilizing one bulldozer and two excavators to remove structures bearing demolition markings situated on legally allocated plots. This decisive action is a crucial step towards maintaining Abuja’s planned development and upholding the city’s urban vision.

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