Federal Government Collaborates with UK Developers to Establish Abuja Tech City

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In a significant move towards fostering innovation and technological advancement, the Federal Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Technology has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Domineum/Edenbase UK for the development of Abuja Tech City. The agreement, signed by Minister Uche Nnaji on behalf of the government, sets the stage for a transformative partnership aimed at propelling Nigeria’s tech ecosystem to new heights.

Strategic Collaboration for Technological Progress:

Minister Uche Nnaji highlighted the importance of the MoU in facilitating collaboration and cooperation for technology transfer between the UK consortium and the federal government. With the foundation laid for this key partnership, Nigeria is poised to harness the expertise and resources of a renowned developer, drawing inspiration from the success of London Tech City.

Vision for Abuja Tech City:

Abuja Tech City is envisioned as a dynamic hub of innovation, designed to catalyze rapid industrialization and foster operational synergy across critical sectors. As a Free Trade Zone, it will offer a conducive environment for tech-driven startups, industries, entertainment, education, and more. Moreover, it will serve as the flagship location for the Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Technology’s Agenda 8 and 9, focusing on Clean Tech Programs and Green Manufacturing Initiatives.

Building on Past Successes:

Drawing parallels with the impressive achievements of London Tech City, Minister Nnaji expressed confidence in Nigeria’s ability to replicate such monumental success. The consortia behind Abuja Tech City have a proven track record of success, making them ideal partners for this ambitious endeavor.

Transformational Impact:

The announcement of Abuja Tech City marks a significant milestone in Nigeria’s journey towards technological advancement and economic transformation. Originally conceptualized as Abuja Tech Village, the project has evolved into a visionary initiative aimed at positioning Nigeria as a global technology leader.

Moving Forward:

As plans for Abuja Tech City take shape, the government remains committed to ensuring its success. The recent directive to vacate illegal occupants from the project site underscores the determination to move forward with the development. With compensation provided to indigenous communities and preparations underway for full possession of the land, Abuja Tech City is poised to become a beacon of innovation and prosperity in the heart of Nigeria.


The collaboration between the Federal Government and UK developers signifies a bold step towards realizing Nigeria’s potential as a hub for innovation and technological excellence. Abuja Tech City promises to be a transformative endeavor, driving economic growth, fostering creativity, and positioning Nigeria at the forefront of the global technology landscape. Together, we embark on a journey of progress and prosperity, fueled by innovation and collaboration.

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