Federal Government Seals Top Abuja Store Amid Crackdown on Hoarding, Price Manipulation

Sealed Shop in Abuja

In a swift move to address consumer rights violations, the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) shut down Sahad Store, a prominent supermarket located in the Garki area of Abuja. The closure follows allegations of the store’s management engaging in deceptive practices by charging prices different from those displayed on the shelves.

Led by FCCPC Acting Executive Vice Chairman, Adamu Ahmed Abdullahi, the enforcement action comes on the heels of President Bola Tinubu’s recent announcement of initiatives aimed at tackling the root causes of the food crisis in the country.

Abdullahi, briefing journalists during the operation, revealed that preliminary investigations confirmed the supermarket’s management had indeed been shortchanging customers. Consequently, the store will remain sealed pending further investigation.

He highlighted the legal implications, citing Section 115(3) of the law which prohibits consumers from being charged prices higher than those displayed. Additionally, Section 155 imposes substantial fines and penalties on corporate entities and their directors found guilty of contravening the law.

Abdullahi emphasized the importance of compliance and transparency in pricing, stressing that the store would only be unsealed upon meeting regulatory requirements.

This action aligns with recent efforts by the Federal Government, in collaboration with state governors, to address the issue of hoarding essential commodities. Following a meeting chaired by President Bola Tinubu, Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, disclosed the decision to establish a committee to address the issue of hoarding.

Idris highlighted the need to ensure food availability and control prices for the benefit of Nigerians, condemning the actions of traders engaged in hoarding practices. He announced that security agencies would work closely with state governors to address the situation effectively.

The government’s decisive actions underscore its commitment to safeguarding consumer rights and ensuring food security for all Nigerians.

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