Finding Apartments in Abuja.

Abuja being a big city and all, is always a big struggle finding a suitable apartment.

The search becomes more tedious because you have a budget to work with or if you are living in another city and looking for an apartment in another city. Then, you consider how close is the place to your place of work.

And you have to think about how easily accessible public transport is from the apartment and the accessibility of the road by vehicles.

You would also, have to check for the electricity, network availability, water availability etc and compare all these with your own set up budget.

Available Websites to Find Rental Listings for Abuja Apartments.

  2. Jiji
  5. Property 24
  6. Nigeriaproperty zone
  7. Uhomes

Some tips to help in finding an Apartment in Abuja .

  • Firstly, you need to figure out what exactly you want in terms of location, apartment size, basic amenities, and rental terms.
  • Start searching for an apartment early.
  • Work on your budget
  • Survey for more than 1 Apartment.
  • Finally, compare the prices to each other and pick the one which isn’t too hard on your budget.

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