Former Attorney-General of the Federation Faces Intense Probe Over Suspicious Mega Deals

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In a significant development, the former Attorney-General of the Federation (AGF), Abubakar Malami, is now under investigation for multiple suspicious transactions that occurred during his tenure in office. The nature of these deals has raised serious concerns, prompting authorities to launch a thorough inquiry into his activities.

According to credible sources, at least five transactions have come under scrutiny during the probe:

  1. Mysterious Payment to Global Steel Holdings Ltd (GSHL): A puzzling payment of $496 million was made to GSHL as a settlement for the termination of the Ajaokuta Steel concession, despite the company’s previous relinquishment of all claims for compensation.
  2. Sale of Forfeited Assets to EFCC: The handling of the sale of assets worth billions of naira, which were forfeited to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) by politically exposed individuals, has been flagged for potential irregularities.
  3. $419 Million Judgment Debt Awarded to Consultants: Malami’s involvement in the $419 million judgment debt awarded to consultants who claimed to have facilitated the Paris Club refunds to the states has come under intense scrutiny.
  4. Agreement with Sunrise Power: An agreement to pay Sunrise Power $200 million in compensation for a dispute with the federal government over the Mambilla power project has raised questions about the process and clearances involved.
  5. Duplicated Legal Fees in Abacha Loot Transfer: Disturbing allegations of duplicated legal fees in the transfer of $321 million Abacha loot from Switzerland to Nigeria have sparked public concern.

These investigations have sent shockwaves through the nation, as Abubakar Malami was a prominent figure in the administration during his tenure. The revelation of these suspicious deals has led to public outcry for accountability and transparency in matters of public interest.

As a high-profile security agency handles the probe, the nation awaits the outcome with bated breath. The gravity of the allegations has made this investigation one of the most critical tests of integrity and accountability in recent times.

In the face of these probing inquiries, the former AGF’s reputation and legacy hang in the balance. Nigerians demand answers, and the truth must be brought to light to restore faith in the nation’s governance and uphold the rule of law.

As the investigations continue to unfold, all eyes are on the outcome, with hopes that justice will be served and any wrongdoings will be brought to justice, regardless of who may be involved.

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