Friendship Breakups: Navigating the pain of parting ways with close companions


Friendship Breakups: Navigating the pain of parting ways with close companions

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Everyone talks about how splitting up with a lover can hurt very badly and though a breakup can be very painful nobody talks about how friendships coming to an end can cut you deeply.

No man is an island, we were not created to sail through life alone it’s always a beautiful thing to have someone by your side when facing the storms of life and it doesn’t necessarily mean it should be a lover.

Most of the time you you’ll meet these friends before you even meet a lover and they will be there when your love abandons you.

Friendships have ups and downs and yes it’s not roses every day but as long as you have a good friend you’ll see more sunshine than rain.So imagine having someone to turn to when things are not going as they should, imagine having a shoulder to cry on, a person with whom you share every single thing, But one day they wake up and no longer want to be your friend.

You try to reach out and find out if you’ve done something wrong but they give you the cold shoulder and you become devastated trying to figure out where it all went wrong.Well, there could be many reasons why a warm person could go cold on you; it could be that someone is saying something to tear you apart, and before you say a real friend wouldn’t believe rumors hear me out.

Sometimes some people know what to say to get into someone’s head and mess things up. Not everyone likes to see people love each other and have a beautiful bond and constant negative information about a person can ruin the relationship they have with others, so yes someone constantly saying the wrong things about you to your friends can ruin your relationship between you and these people.

It could also be that you said or did something that hurt this person but you’re not aware of it and instead of them confronting you, they just shut you out. Then you’re left in the dark wallowing in misery wondering what could’ve gone wrong. But again it could be mere jealousy, maybe you bonded over suffering and failures in life but now you’ve begun to win but they’re still where they were, unable to be happy for you some will even spread rumors about you rumors that will hurt you once you get to hear them.

Whatever may be the reason for the cold shoulder your friend is giving you, if you cherish this person and want to restore what once existed between you two, then try and reach out. Pride has ruined a lot of beautiful things so let the pride go and encourage them to open up to you if you’re the problem apologize sincerely and sort things out but always remember this, not everyone will remain in your life forever, though some people are special and in your life to stay. Some are not, if the bond between the two of you breaks do your part but never overdo it. If your apologies are not accepted let them be, if they won’t tell you why they won’t talk to you allow them to walk away. Maybe their presence in your life has expired and consuming expired products is harmful for you.

Though it may be painful to watch people you once shared a bond with walk out of your life it’s important to know that life goes on and there are more people to meet, don’t close your heart to all the wonderful people you’re yet to experience.Remember for every heart that closes to you another one opens up to you. So hold on to who is ready to stay but let go of who is willing to walk away.

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