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Fun Places To Go Kayaking In Abuja

Do you love to Kayak and need to locate a place where you can go kayaking in Abuja? Then you are in the proper location. Make sure to read until the end of this article to learn about kayaking locations in Abuja.

What Is Kayaking?

Abuja, the capital metropolis of Nigeria, offers unlimited opportunities for amusement and excitement. And kayaking is one of these enjoyable activities you can engage in to pass the time.

Kayaking is a recreational activity in which you navigate water in a kayak, a narrow watercraft propelled by an oar with two blades. Canoeing and kayaking are not the same because the sitting positions are distinct and canoeing uses a single-bladed paddle.

If you live in Abuja or plan to visit at some point, kayaking is an activity that you should definitely attempt. In addition to the enjoyment inherent in kayaking, there are additional advantages to the activity.

Benefits of Kayaking

There are many benefits in store for you if you regularly go kayaking in Abuja. They include:

Weight Management

Kayaking is a great way to burn calories and keep your weight in check. Because it’s a fun activity, it’s definitely better than just sitting on your couch at home watching TV.

Improved Upper Body Strength

The paddling action is a workout for your arms, chest, shoulder, and back. So Kayaking tones up the muscles in those areas of your body.

Increased Core Strength

When kayaking, you use your core to keep you balanced and centered in the kayak. So every time you go out kayaking in Abuja, just know that you are helping your core become stronger.

Improved Endurance

Kayaking is one of those activities that boosts your endurance. This can become useful in your normal daily routines as it means you will have more energy for those activities.

Mental Benefits

All I have mentioned above are just some of the physical benefits of kayaking. Kayaking also has mental benefits which include mood improvement, enhanced ability to focus, improved memory, and a good night’s sleep.

Places To Go Kayaking In Abuja

Check out below the places where you can go kayaking in Abuja and have an amazing time.

Kaspaland Kayak Abuja

Kaspaland Kayak Abuja is located at Package B Sports Complex at the National Stadium, Kukwaba. Kayaking here costs 3000 naira for a boat with a single seat. But in case you want to do this activity with a spouse or a friend, there are double boats available which cost 7000 naira. You might enjoy discounts if you go as a group or if they recognize you to be a repeat customer. You will have an amazing time at Kaspaland because it is a calm and soothing recreational spot. So if you want to go kayaking in abuja, you have to try out this place

Amazon kayak jabi

You can kayak at the Amazon Kayak for 30 minutes for 2,000 naira, and each couple’s canoe costs 3,000 naira. This kayaking location is along Obafemi Awolowo Way in Jabi. If you need to contact them, their telephone number is 09014987435.


Kayaking is a great recreational activity that you can enjoy in Abuja by yourself and with friends and it has a lot of benefits for you both physically and mentally. When next are you going kayaking in Abuja? Do let me know in the comment below.

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