Govs Responsible For $/N Hike, Converting Allocations To Dollars – Idris Usman

Govs Responsible For $/N Hike, Converting Allocations To Dollars - Idris Usman

Idris Etanami Usman, a prominent activist and public relations executive, has raised concerns over the persistent scarcity of dollar denominations in Nigeria, citing the alleged conversion of monthly allocations to dollars by certain state governors as a contributing factor.

In a statement released in Abuja on Thursday, Usman highlighted the detrimental effects of the shortage of dollars on legitimate businesses, attributing it to what he described as the questionable economic practices of some state governors.

Usman emphasized the need to redefine the role of governors in economic policies, asserting that the routine conversion of allocations to dollars undermines the stability of the nation’s currency and exacerbates the economic crisis.

Furthermore, the statement criticized governors for their alleged failure to distribute palliatives despite substantial financial support from the Federal Government. Usman condemned this neglect, particularly in the face of widespread economic hardship experienced by millions of Nigerians.

Expressing disappointment in the governors’ prioritization of personal gain over the welfare of their constituents, Usman called for accountability and immediate action to rectify the situation. He urged anti-graft agencies to intensify investigations into the financial activities of these governors and hold those found culpable accountable for their actions.

The statement underscores the urgency of addressing the root causes of the economic challenges facing the nation and calls for transparency, accountability, and responsible governance to mitigate the impact on citizens and restore stability to the economy.