“Guys don’t want to date me because I’m deaf” – Pretty lady Disclosed, Netizen reacts (Video)

A pretty Tiktoker has revealed that she’s finding it difficult to find a guy to date as they all flee when they find out she’s deaf.

The lady revealed that men who had initially shown interest in her begin to give her space because of her disability.

"Guys don't want to date me because I'm deaf" - Pretty lady Disclosed, Netizen reacts (Video)

In the video she shared online, the lady identified as @allthingssimsim communicated her woes using sign language, with a caption that interpreted it for viewers.

Watch the video below;

Some wondered whether she’s truly deaf as she claims; for these sceptics, she made another video to clarify that she uses hearing aids, without which she hears nothing.


Replying to @femm

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Some social media users took to the comment section to offer words of encouragement to her.

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