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The Raffia Palm Abuja

Raffia Palm Abuja

We all have that special people around us who we want to hang out with, visit places together, take pictures with and make ourselves feel loved.

Check out this beautiful place in Abuja to enjoy your weekend with an amazing food experience to satisfy your taste buds.

Table of Contents

1. What is the Raffia Palm Abuja?

2. Raffia Palm Abuja Location

3. The Raffia Palm Menu

4. Conclusion

What is the Raffia Palm Abuja

Raffia Palm Abuja is a rooftop restaurant and lounge in Abuja, where you get lovely dishes and enjoyment to the brim. The Raffia Palm serves Nigerian dishes, think village kitchen-style.

The Raffia Palm is a wonderful place to be comfortable. Firstly talking about the Decoration. It gives a traditional and homely decor, which is complimented with an amazing taste of the meal .

The decor of the place includes bamboos, and gourds hanging from the ceiling, and raffia palms.

And you can get all local games at the place. e. g Ayo

Raffia Palm Abuja Location

Locating the Raffia Palm Abuja can get a little tricky as it is tucked in and hidden.The Raffia Palm Abuja is located in Area 2, 1 Ugheli Cl, Garki 900103, Abuja, behind the shopping complex.

You would never regret going there with your loved ones.

The Raffia Palm Menu

Guess what?

Raffia Palm Menu pricelist is affordable and pocket friendly.


Never get bored of places to go anymore. The Raffia Palm Abuja is an ideal place to visit with your friends any day of the week whenever you miss the taste of rich Nigerian local food coupled with an authentic the Nigerian village and local vibe.

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