Health Minister Urges Radiologists to Tackle Data Security Challenges Amid Rising Litigations and has issued a challenge to radiologists to confront the barriers hindering data security, addressing the surge in patient litigations against practitioners.

During the 6th Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Scientific Conference of the Association of Radiologists in Nigeria (ARIN) and the 60th AGM of the Association of Radiologists in West Africa (ARAWA) in Abuja on Monday, Prof. Pate, represented by Dr. Jimoh-Olawale Salaudeen, highlighted crucial hurdles affecting the field. These included manpower shortages, inadequately regulated radiology practices, and insufficient technological innovations.

Pointing to the escalating number of litigations arising from patients’ increased awareness of their rights, Prof. Pate emphasized the critical need to safeguard patient information to prevent breaches, stressing the importance of deploying effective technology to thwart unauthorized access .

Highlighting the pivotal role of accurate diagnosis in healthcare, Pate affirmed the government’s efforts to bridge the manpower gap to prevent the proliferation of substandard practices.

While expressing the ministry’s commitment to collaborating with ARIN, Prof. Pate urged the association to devise actionable solutions to combat these challenges effectively.

The National President of ARIN, Prof. Sule Saidu, echoed the call for increased governmental commitment to improving service delivery, training, and research in healthcare, aiming to align with global best practices. He emphasized that an improved health sector would diminish health tourism, conserve foreign exchange, and potentially reverse the trend.

Saidu emphasized the necessity for government support in providing more diagnostic equipment for radiology, underlining the critical link between accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.

Dr. Agaja James, Chairman of ARIN, FCT/Local Organising Committee (LOC) for the event, addressed the dwindling numbers of medical practitioners in Africa due to technological advancements and economic challenges. He highlighted the migration of health workers from rural to urban areas and beyond the continent’s borders, urging the government to seek enduring solutions to safeguard the health sector.