Hoodlums Raid Government Warehouse in Abuja

Abuja Hoodlums Looter

In a concerning turn of events, hoodlums forcibly entered a government storage facility located in Gwagwa town, within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), on Sunday, plundering stored food supplies. Witnesses reported that the incident unfolded around 7 am, as a group of youths broke into the warehouse situated near the Tasha area of the community.

According to accounts from residents, the looting persisted for hours, with bags of maize and grain being carted away without restraint. The situation escalated as more individuals from neighboring Jiwa and Karmo towns joined in, causing congestion on the Gwagwa-Karmo road, a crucial thoroughfare leading to Dei-Dei and Jabi areas.

Eyewitness Jaafar Aminu recounted the chaos, revealing that even protective barriers were not spared as the looters seized anything they deemed valuable from the warehouse. Some residents, including Aminu, sustained injuries amidst the commotion.

This is not the first time the warehouse has fallen victim to such criminal acts. During the Covid-19 lockdown, the same facility was targeted, with bags of grain and essential equipment meant for intervention programs being pilfered.

After ransacking the government store, the unruly mob proceeded towards the Idu Industrial Estate, where warehouses belonging to both private individuals and the government are located. Despite the severity of the situation, security personnel were notably absent during the incident.

However, in response to inquiries, FCT police spokesperson SP Josephine Adeh assured that law enforcement was actively engaged in addressing the situation on the ground. Nonetheless, the brazenness of the attack underscores the pressing need for increased security measures to safeguard public assets and maintain order within the community.

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