How to live a comfortable lifestyle in Abuja in 2023

How to live a comfortable lifestyle in Abuja – Life in Abuja can be very expensive if you are paying rent and have kids in schools. Rent and school fees alone can bankrupt you if you are not financially stable i.e if you don’t have a good source of income.

A lot of people complain that they have a job yet they can’t live their best life in Abuja. That maybe true to an extent because it takes more than just one job to be able to live your dream life in Abuja.

Weather you are earning big or small, you can still live a comfortable lifestyle in Abuja if you wish to and that is the purpose of this article.

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How to live a comfortable lifestyle in Abuja

In order to live comfortably in Abuja, you must follow suit this steps below

1. Get a side hustle

How to live a comfortable lifestyle in Abuja in 2023

To live a comfortable lifestyle in Abuja requires you to double up your hustle. Aside your main job, try as much as possible to get a side hustle that will be earning you some cash as well.

These might not be up to the amount you are being paid but it will sustain you for the main time before your payment set in. To survive in Abuja on a low income, you will also need to augment with a side hustle. 30,000 naira per month is slave wage but a side hustle that brings in extra 40,000 naira may be a life saver.

2. Rent an affordable apartment

This tip is very important if you want to be comfortable in Abuja. More than 80% of Abuja base loves to live in a well furnished apartment but will that help your pocket and make you live comfortable? No.

If you want to live a comfortable lifestyle in Abuja, make sure you rent an apartment that 2 or 3 months of your salary can pay for you. Do not live above what you are earning just because you want to belong, it will only drain and wreck you.

3. Do more cooking than eating out

You will agree with me that you will spend less when you cook your own meal rather than eating out. The Covid-19 pandemic should be an eye opener for you.

During the pandemic, it was very possible to survive on N25,000 per month because there was no chances of going out to eat. Everyone was bent to doing their things at home by themselves.

Mama put or restaurant food might look affordable, but it is not penny wise. Except you are very much occupied that you barely have time for yourself due to work, it is advisable to always cook your own meal.

4. Save and invest no matter how small

Doing side hustle might make it easier for you to be gathering more money every month but it will be unwise for you if you are spending as you earn.

If you really want to live a comfortable lifestyle in Abuja, you will have to make use of your calculations very well. The same way you channel your energy in making money, try and also channel the same energy in saving and investing.

Why did I mention both savings and investing? In Abuja, you can’t survive without having money somewhere that you can easily access once urgent matter arises.

Yes, you might decide to keep a pocket money but it won’t be cool if you invest the rest without saving little. Otherwise, you will always find yourself in debt.

But when you invest, save a little alongside with your pocket money, no matter how rough the month is, you will have something to back you up before the month end.

Note: It is an awesome idea to invest more, use your savings to start a little business that can multiply your money rather than remaining stagnant in the bank.

5. Live close to your workplace

Another great tip on how to live a comfortable lifestyle in Abuja is to live close to your working place.

Living close to your working place gives you the chance to spend less money on transport fare, you will also be able to cook your own meal and take to work.

In conclusion,

You don’t actually need huge amount of money to live a comfortable lifestyle in Abuja but it requires simple logic to make life easier for yourself.

Do not try to belong by force if you aren’t capable yet. Fit into only the shoe that size you and you will have a wonderful moment staying in Abuja. Like it, share it and follow Our Facebook Page for more updates.