Igboho Responds to Sultan’s Criticism of Tinubu Over Insecurity, Poverty

Sunday Igboho

Sunday Adeyemo, widely known as Sunday Igboho and a prominent figure in the Oduduwa Nation movement, has offered his perspective on the criticisms directed towards the administration led by Tinubu concerning the prevalent insecurity and poverty in Nigeria.

This discussion comes after the Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III, highlighted the challenges facing the northern region and the nation as a whole. He underscored the deep-seated frustrations, hunger, and resentment felt by many due to insecurity and poverty.

In response, Igboho emphasized the need for key stakeholders in governance, economy, security, and other vital sectors to collaborate in finding solutions to the nation’s insecurity and socioeconomic issues. He acknowledged the validity of the Sultan’s concerns regarding the state of the nation but cautioned against solely attributing blame to Tinubu’s relatively new administration, which has been in power for only about eight months.

Igboho stressed that Tinubu’s administration should be given the opportunity to devise strategies to address these challenges, affirming that the federal government is not indifferent to the plight of Nigerians.

In his statement, Igboho urged leaders at all levels, including religious and traditional authorities, to demonstrate a commitment to resolving Nigeria’s foundational problems. He acknowledged the longstanding issues of bad governance, economic woes, terrorism, and insecurity that have plagued the country for decades, emphasizing the need for concerted efforts to tackle these issues.

Furthermore, Igboho expressed optimism that the current administration’s initiatives, such as deploying troops to protect farmers from herders’ attacks and plans to establish the National Commodity Board, would help alleviate food insecurity and curb inflation.

In conclusion, Igboho called for patience and support for the government’s efforts, believing that these measures would eventually yield positive results in addressing the nation’s challenges.