Former Kano State Governor, Ibrahim Shekarau, Advocates Integration of Digital Health Tech in Nigerian Healthcare System. He emphasized the pivotal role of digital health technology in transforming Nigeria’s healthcare system, urging the Federal Government to embrace its transformative potential. Speaking at the international summit on financing primary healthcare infrastructure in Nigeria, organized by the Islamic Economic Foundation and sponsored by the Development Research and Project Centre in Abuja, Shekarau underscored the importance of leveraging technology to surmount healthcare challenges.

We embark on a journey to reshape our nation’s healthcare future by harnessing the power of Islamic finance and integrating digital health technology,” Shekarau stated during the summit. He highlighted the need to create financing models supported by Islamic finance principles to facilitate the adoption and scaling up of digital health solutions across Nigeria.

Baba Muhammad, President of the Africa Islamic Economic Foundation, emphasized the significance of revolutionizing healthcare accessibility and sustainability in Africa. Acknowledging the diverse challenges across the continent, Muhammad stressed the role of digital technology and Islamic finance in addressing healthcare disparities, particularly in remote areas.

Digital technology holds immense potential to bring healthcare services to remote populations through telemedicine and mobile health applications,” Muhammad noted.

He highlighted the ethical and socially responsible investment promoted by Islamic finance, emphasizing the need to channel investments into sustainable primary healthcare infrastructure projects across Africa.

Stanley Ukpai, Project Director at DRPC, supported the call for Nigeria to diversify its healthcare financing beyond budgetary allocations. He urged stakeholders at the summit to explore alternative funding sources to transform Nigeria’s healthcare delivery, especially in light of the projected highest budgetary allocation to health of 8% in 2024.

This summit offers an innovative platform to bridge new funding sources with digital healthcare opportunities, potentially transforming Nigeria’s healthcare sector,” Ukpai highlighted. He stressed the need for collective efforts to ensure adequate sector funding, encouraging diverse stakeholders to contribute toward enhancing Nigeria’s healthcare system.