Interesting Facts Regarding Zuma Rock


Interesting Facts Regarding Zuma Rock

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The Zuma boulder is one of Africa’s largest rocks. It is a perfect illustration of what is known as an inselberg. Inselbergs are solitary cliffs that abruptly ascend from a plain.

The structure is not precisely located in Abuja. However, you can locate it along the main road between Abuja and Kaduna. Also known as the “Gateway to Abuja from Suleja”

History Of The Zuma Rock

Zuba and Koro people formerly referred to the granite as Zumwa. Zumwa refers to a location where guinea fowl are captured. According to legend, there were once many guinea fowls around the Zuma rock.

According to historical accounts, the Zuba people discovered Zuma granite in the 15th century. Consequently, the granite is older than 600 years.

Some Hausa people discovered the area and initiated an expansion project there, but they were unable to correctly pronounce Zumwa. They pronounced it as Zuma, and that pronunciation has persisted to this day.

What Is The Size And Height Of Zuma Rock?

Zuma is an incredibly huge rock, the tallest In Nigeria. Buildings in Nigeria that you think are tall are nothing compared to the height of the Zuma rock. It stands at a height of about 725 meters( 2,379 feet). And it has a prominence of about 300 meters ( 980 feet).

Tourism of Zuma Rock

The monolith has gathered quite the fame over the years, making it a well-known tourist attraction in Nigeria. It is free to visit the rock but climbing comes with a fee.

Does The Rock Really Have A Face?

On the rock, there is something that appears to be a visage, but is it really a face? What people refer to as a face are natural contours and features that give the appearance of a visage.

In those days, and possibly even today, people believed that the face-like features were spirits guarding the community.

Myths and Legends Surrounding The Rock

Zuma rock has some mythical stories around it. Natives reported hearing a loud noise emanating from the boulder. They claim it sounds like a door opening and closing. And when this occurs, it means a prominent person has died. And the news quickly spreads.

Additionally, the natives believe that the rock rests on a water source. Therefore, they presume that if the rock is destroyed or relocated, enough water to submerge the area would gush from this source.

Does The Zuma Rock Really Catch Fire When It Rains?

It is said that between April and October when it rains, the top of the rock catches on fire. But whether this is true or not, no one really knows. It is said that a Nasarawa State University Lecturer who was a geologist tried to explain this phenomenon. According to the geologist, a piece of rock saturated by rainwater can become lubricated. So when it slides over the surface of another rock, it could start a fire.


Zuma rock is a stunning tourist attraction with a number of fascinating legends surrounding it. It is unknown how ancient the rock is, but since it was discovered roughly 600 years ago, it is assumed to be older than 600 years.

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