Kylian Mbappe’s PSG countdown

After his holiday, Kylian Mbappe will resume training with PSG on Monday. This week could see the resolution of the conflict between the club, which is insistent that the player either sign a new deal or depart as soon as possible, and the player, who still believes that his contract should expire in June 2024 and he should be free to leave.

In fact, the two sides’ talks on Tuesday might get more intense as they try to reach an agreement. The first matter for which a response is anticipated is Xavi Simons’ return to the team after PSG used its option to purchase him from PSV for six million euros. The signing may now be made official by the French club on Monday after being confirmed on Sunday.

The Dutchman is to be loaned out by PSG, with RB Leipzig being a perfect option for fostering his continued development. The athlete is about to sign a four-year contract after promising the team he wouldn’t depart on free agency.

Simons is regarded as a key player for the club’s long-term future, but his actions may be influenced by Mbappe’s choice. PSG thinks he can take Kylian’s place with a little more experience, and if the world champion ultimately decides to extend, he might be a valuable commodity for them to sell in the coming years.

Busy week

Undoubtedly, PSG can expedite the matter throughout this week. The squad departs on tour to Japan on July 22, and it is unclear what will happen if there are no developments following the most recent round of negotiations. In a perfect world, Kylian would travel with the rest of the group, but the club wants to end the investigation before the trip ever begins. The club set a deadline of July 31 in its letter in response to the player’s letter.

Since Mbappe has already reported for duty, Luis Enrique and PSG could be indicating future tactics with every step they make. It is expected that the striker will be used by the new coach.

While waiting, Real Madrid is aware that time is on their favor because PSG will have to drop their expectations.

Vlahovic is an alternative

PSG is still working on both departures and reinforcements. The club has progressed negotiations with Dusan Vlahovic for the attack, but a deal with Juventus still needs to be worked out.

In any case, the club’s continued commitment to bolstering the assault is a sign that closing a squad for Luis Enrique without Kylian is a possibility. Juve is currently out of the Champions League and in a precarious situation, and PSG is aware of this.