Lagos State Govt Plans to Relocate Computer Village, Ikeja, to Residential Area

By Medinat - Editor
Lagos State Govt Plans to Relocate Computer Village, Ikeja, to Residential Area

The Lagos State Government has announced its intention to relocate the Ikeja Computer Village, currently situated in a residential area, to Katangua in the Abule-Egba area of the state. Dr. Olajide Babatunde, the Special Adviser to the Governor on e-GIS and Urban Development, disclosed this during a recent visit to the electronic gadgets’ center in Ikeja.

The decision comes after an assessment conducted by the Lagos State Building Control Agency, in collaboration with relevant government bodies responsible for such affairs. According to Babatunde, the relocation plan to Abule Egba has been delayed due to certain reasons, but efforts are underway to address these issues.

Highlighting the legal framework, Babatunde emphasized that the Ikeja Computer Village is presently located in a residential area, necessitating compliance with existing regulations. He reassured that residents within the Computer Village vicinity would be relocated and settled in Katangua, Abule Egba, once the necessary arrangements are finalized.

Addressing concerns about congestion, Babatunde clarified that markets typically emerge in response to local population dynamics. The move to Katangua aims to provide conducive business environments for traders while adhering to legal requirements.

Regarding infrastructure and facilities, Babatunde outlined comprehensive plans for the Katangua market, including market stores, banking facilities, clinics, schools, crèches, storage facilities, and housing options. He also acknowledged the challenges posed by fluctuating building material prices but assured that cost control measures would be implemented.

Babatunde emphasized the gradual nature of the relocation process, with ongoing consultations with market leaders and the commencement of development activities at the Katangua site. The government is actively involving stakeholders in planning and implementation to ensure a smooth transition.

This initiative reflects the government’s commitment to re-organize markets in the state and optimize urban development strategies. As plans progress, the relocation of Computer Village to Katangua aims to foster sustainable growth and enhance economic activities while maintaining compliance with regulatory standards.

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