Major General Umaru Mallam Mohammed sentenced to 7 Years Imprisonment for multiple convictions, In a landmark ruling on October 4, 2023, Major General Umaru Mallam Mohammed, former Executive Vice Chairman and GMD of the Nigerian Army Properties Limited, was convicted of 14 out of 18 charges brought against him by the Nigerian Army.

President of the Special Court Martial, Major General James Myam, presiding over the case, announced the verdict, sentencing the senior officer to a cumulative imprisonment of 7 years.The court also issued an order for Major General Mohammed to reimburse the Nigerian Army with the sum of $2,053,200 (2 million, 53 thousand, 200 US dollars) and N1,690,000 (1 billion, 690 million Nigerian Naira).

The charges spanned a range of offenses including theft, forgery, and criminal misappropriation. The court found Major General Mohammed guilty on various counts, each resulting in additional years of imprisonment and financial restitution to the Nigerian Army Properties Limited and FCC NAM Limited.

President Myam revealed that the sentences, which initially totaled 49 years, would run concurrently, ultimately leading to a 7-year prison term for the convicted general.

Notably, Major General Mohammed had pleaded not guilty to all charges and presented two witnesses in his defense. The prosecution, however, called upon 24 witnesses to establish the case against him.The charges were brought under various sections of the Criminal Code Act Cap c38 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Armed Forces Act Cap A20 2004, highlighting the gravity of the allegations against the former senior officer.

Major General James Myam concluded the proceedings by stating that the sentences were subject to confirmation by the Army Council, which serves as the final confirming authority.Following the conclusion of the trial, the President announced the adjournment of the court.

This ruling marks a significant milestone in the Nigerian Army’s pursuit of justice and accountability within its ranks.