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Man Arrested for Allegedly Killing Neighbor Over Goat Feud in Ogun State

Man Arrested for Allegedly Killing Neighbor Over Goat Feud in Ogun State

In a tragic incident unfolding in Ilepa, within the Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State, one Kolawole Akinsanya has been apprehended and placed in protective custody by the Ogun State Police Command. He stands accused of orchestrating an attack that led to the death of his neighbor, Lukmon Ajibola.

The unfortunate incident reportedly occurred on Monday, February 5, at approximately 8 pm, stemming from a dispute over a goat. According to sources within the community, a goat belonging to the deceased inadvertently trespassed into Akinsanya’s compound and consumed dried yams, provoking Akinsanya to fatally harm the animal.

Upon discovering his goat’s demise, Ajibola confronted Akinsanya, igniting a heated altercation. Allegedly, Akinsanya escalated the conflict by summoning a group of thugs who subjected Ajibola to a violent assault.

Tragically, Ajibola succumbed to his injuries after lapsing into unconsciousness and subsequently passing away in hospital care. The incident has left Ajibola’s family mourning the untimely loss.

Akinsanya has been taken into police custody, while three other suspects purportedly involved in the assault remain at large. Concerns have been raised by the deceased’s relatives regarding potential attempts to obscure the truth of the matter, alleging police complicity in covering up the case.

The State Police Public Relations Officer, Omolola Odutola, has confirmed the incident, affirming that efforts are underway to track down the fugitive suspects and ensure justice is served.

The community grapples with shock and sorrow over the tragic outcome of a dispute that began with a simple case of animal trespass, highlighting the need for peaceful conflict resolution and respect for the sanctity of life.