Man Faces Backlash Online for Seeking Wife with N100k Salary

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A 30-year-old man sparked controversy on social media after publicly announcing his quest for a wife despite earning a monthly salary of N100k.

The man, who chose to remain anonymous, reached out to another user, @seunadeyemmii, expressing his desire to tie the knot before the first quarter of 2025. In his message, he outlined specific criteria for potential candidates, stressing the importance of the woman residing in Lagos.

His post read:

“Is there any female willing to get married before the first quarter of next year? I’m 30, AA, and earn a bit over 100k a month. Please be between the age of 20 to 26 and stay in Lagos. You can reach me on [email protected].”

Following his request, social media users flooded the platform with criticism and disapproval.

@kusssman commented: “That salary is not ready for marriage.”

@jiokety remarked: “Even people that don’t earn that much are bashing him. Where is the unity?”

@Swagberg offered advice: “If his earning power is below your standard of living, you can easily ignore and stop talking down on him as if people don’t earn below that and still get married in this country. I pray that the right woman find you Anon 🙏”

@tejumania quipped: “Willing woman with 100k salary? Na willy willy woman e go see.”

@Gloriousreborne expressed concern: “This is how you guys bring children into this world and frustrate them, cause why are you thinking of marriage with just 100k per month.”

The post ignited a debate about financial readiness for marriage, with some questioning the feasibility of starting a family on a modest income.

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