Minister Urges ARCON to Prioritize Innovation, Local Content, and Job Creation. The Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, has emphasized the need for the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON) to focus on innovation, local content, and job creation to bolster the nation’s economy.

During his recent visit to the Council in Abuja, the minister commended ARCON for its pivotal role in regulating advertising practices and ensuring adherence to the highest standards. He highlighted that advertising not only drives commerce but also serves as a platform for promoting cultural diversity and values, while generating both direct and indirect employment opportunities, especially in the realm of local content.

Minister Idris expressed his commitment to collaborating closely with ARCON in fostering innovation, underscoring its critical role in maintaining relevance in the modern era. He lauded the Council’s existing innovative efforts, emphasizing the importance of continued evolution in a rapidly changing landscape.

Addressing the issue of job loss to other countries, Minister Idris lamented the outflow of skilled labor from Nigeria. He emphasized the imperative of retaining jobs within the country, particularly given the burgeoning population and a pool of capable young professionals seeking employment.

The Minister urged ARCON to engage more actively with stakeholders, emphasizing that unity and alignment of purpose were paramount in advancing the sector. He emphasized that the task of national reorientation and reinstating core values is a collective responsibility, not the sole purview of one agency.

Dr. Olalekan Fadolapo, the Director-General of ARCON, provided the Minister with comprehensive insights into the Council’s ongoing initiatives, reforms, and contributions to the advertising industry and the economy at large. Key topics included the promotion of local content, the ‘Branding Nigeria’ project, audience measurement for broadcast, regulatory frameworks for digital media, among others.

Fadolapo urged the Minister to inaugurate ARCON’s governing council and advocated for the Council’s continued inclusion in the national budget.The Minister’s tour, which has already covered several agencies under his purview, including the Nigerian Television Authority, National Broadcasting Corporation, Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, Voice of Nigeria, and NAN, will continue with visits to the National Orientation Agency and Nigerian Press Council on October 17, 2023.