Missing 4-year-old boy found dead in Abuja with body parts removed

Corpse Of Missing Four-Year-Old Boy Found With Body Parts Removed

The corpse of Eleazar Ishiya, a four-year-old boy declared missing a few days ago, has been found inside a manhole adjacent to Mr Biggs in the Jabi area in Abuja.

A family member said Ishiya was declared missing on Friday, March 3, at Filin Ball, Jabi Daki Biyu.

An eyewitness, Joel Joseph, gave details of the missing parts of the deceased.

Joseph said, “When we saw his body inside the manhole, his grandmother attempted to jump inside but I took hold of her and pushed her away. I jumped inside the pit where I found the body already rotten. His tongue, anus and genitals were chopped off while his eyes were plucked out.

“It’s apparent that his killers are rituals and they might have dumped him inside the pit in the night.’’

The victim’s mother described Ishaya, as “smart” and a nursery one pupil who was the only child of the family.

Missing 4-year-old boy found dead in Abuja with body parts removed

She said, “On that fateful Friday, Eleazar was about to be bathed. He took a N10 note to buy sweets from a neighbourhood shop and went missing since then.

“I am not disturbed by his death, but rather how horribly he was tortured. I rest my case to God. I don’t know the perpetrators because I am not a spiritual-eyed being. The boy’s blood can infiltrate his heartless killer(s) because he is innocent. They should consider themselves dead already.

“I could not muster the courage to see his defaced body. It was later that I managed to see his body in pictures.’’

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