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NACAT Reveals: Illicit Drugs Concealed in Cows Smuggled into Abuja

In a startling revelation, the Network Against Corruption and Trafficking (NACAT) has exposed a cunning method employed by drug traffickers to transport narcotics into the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja. According to NACAT, hard drugs from neighboring states are being concealed within cows to avoid detection by authorities. This ingenious yet illicit method is part of a broader scheme used by drug traders, which also includes hiding contraband within bags of garri, rice, beans, and other commodities.

Stanley Ugagbe, the Operational Manager of NACAT, unveiled these shocking details during a recent road sensitization event aimed at combatting hard drug usage within a community abattoir located in the Karu region of Abuja. The awareness campaign, which saw NACAT collaborating with personnel from the Abuja command of the National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), commenced at the ECWA junction in Karu, leading participants through the abattoir and concluding at Abacha Road, Karu.

Ugagbe highlighted that NACAT’s findings were the result of a thorough investigation carried out within the community, which shares borders with Nasarawa State. He described this Abuja community as a significant hub for the sale of illicit drugs, including substances like crack, codeine, molly, tramadol, refnol, rochi, and Canadian loud, among others.

The network’s investigations revealed that the drugs are predominantly sourced in bulk from Delta State, Benin City in Edo State, and Ibadan. Quoting a statement from a drug dealer, Ugagbe underscored the magnitude of the issue and the need for urgent intervention.

Accompanied by banners and placards bearing slogans such as “Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Drugs,” “Spot the Sign, Break the Chain,” and “Your Potential is Limitless Without Drugs,” the group traversed the area, tirelessly spreading awareness about the perils of hard drug usage.

Ugagbe referenced Section 11, Part II of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency Act, which strictly prohibits the importation, manufacturing, production, processing, planting, or cultivation of drugs like cocaine, heroin, or any illegal narcotics. He issued a stern warning to residents against engaging in hard drug use, emphasizing the catastrophic consequences it poses not only to the users but also to their families and society at large.

Nduka Augustine, the NDLEA officer in charge of sensitization for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Command, commended NACAT’s efforts in raising awareness about the hazards of drug use, trafficking, and peddling. He echoed the sentiments of Mohamed Buba Marwa, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the NDLEA, who stressed the importance of collective action in the fight against illicit drug use and trafficking. Augustine praised organizations like NACAT for collaborating with the NDLEA to educate society about the grave risks associated with drug involvement.

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