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National Judicial Council Disowns Social Media Reports on Supreme Court Vacancies

National Judicial Council Disowns Social Media Reports on Supreme Court Vacancies and has disclaimed circulating reports on social media alleging the reception of a nomination list for Supreme Court vacancies from the Federal Judicial Service Commission (FJSC). Mr. Soji Oye, Director of Information at the NJC, addressed this matter on Sunday in Abuja.

Oye explicitly stated that he had not engaged in any discussions regarding the list of justices nominees forwarded by the FJSC. He dismissed the reports circulating on social media as the deliberate creation of mischief-makers.

Clarifying the NJC’s stance, Oye emphasized that any official statements regarding such matters are issued solely through the Council’s official press releases, overseen by his office.

He cautioned against relying on unverified reports spread through social media channels concerning the nominations and the process of filling vacancies within the apex court.

Initial reports had surfaced, claiming that the FJSC had presented a list of 22 nominees for the NJC’s consideration to fill vacant positions within the apex court. Allegedly, these nominations were distributed regionally across Nigeria’s geopolitical zones.

The background to these reports suggested concerns raised in September regarding the Supreme Court’s operational capacity, operating with only 10 justices instead of the constitutionally mandated 21. Subsequently, owing to retirements and deaths depleting the bench, it was reported that the FJSC had submitted a shortlist to address these vacancies.

Oye stressed the importance of obtaining information from credible sources, cautioning media outlets, particularly social media platforms, against disseminating unchecked or inaccurate information that could mislead the public.

This disavowal by the NJC underscores the necessity for responsible reporting and the verification of information sources to ensure the public is accurately informed on crucial matters concerning the nation’s judiciary.

The NJC’s clear denouncement serves as a reminder of the need for reliable and validated sources, particularly in sensitive matters impacting the country’s judicial system.

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