NGO Grants Scholarships to Girls in Abuja Slum. In a heartening display of commitment to education and gender equality, the Girls Beyond Reach Foundation, affectionately known as Daddy’s Girls, a non-governmental organization, has extended educational scholarships to promising young girls residing in the Angwan-Shao slum in Karimo, Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

As part of their observance of the International Day of the Girl Child, the Foundation’s Director of Finance, Mrs. Olamide Afolabi, revealed that a total of N2 million has been allocated for educational scholarships. This initiative aims to provide a pathway for these deserving candidates to realize their aspirations and overcome the socio-economic barriers that often obstruct their progress.

Each recipient has been granted N150,000 per academic session for a duration of four to five years, contingent on their chosen course of study. Afolabi emphasized, “We recognize the educational gap faced by girl children, and we are committed to filling that void. At present, we are starting with three girls in Karimo, Abuja, due to financial constraints. Our goal is to ensure no one is left behind.”

Temitope Omogbolagun, the Foundation’s Director of Operations, underscored the organization’s dedication to breaking the cycle of poverty through education. She stated, “Out of over 10 million out-of-school children in Nigeria, 60 percent are girls. This is the gap we are determined to bridge. By investing in these girls, we are not only transforming their individual lives but also contributing to the progress of our society as a whole.”

Omogbolagun further elaborated on the rigorous selection process, wherein candidates were evaluated based on academic excellence, leadership potential, and their commitment to community development. The chosen beneficiaries, including a determined physically challenged young lady, exhibited remarkable promise and a steadfast resolve to surmount adversity.

Additionally, the Foundation offers a comprehensive mentorship program covering various aspects of life, marking a significant step toward their vision of an inclusive and empowered society, according to Director of Mentoring, Mrs. Tomisin Latinwo.

“As these three resolute young women, along with those already benefiting from our scholarship and mentoring scheme, embark on their educational journey, they become beacons of hope for countless others in similar circumstances,” Latinwo declared. “With the right support, barriers can be overcome, and dreams can be realized.”

Daddy’s Girls stands as a commendable example of philanthropy and empowerment, illustrating that investments in education yield a brighter future for all. The Foundation calls on other non-governmental organizations to join in this vital endeavor, affirming that collective efforts can bring about lasting change.