Nigeria Calls for Ceasefire and Condemns Attacks on Journalists in Gaza Conflict

By Medinat - Editor
Nigeria Calls for Ceasefire and Condemns Attacks on Journalists in Gaza Conflict

Nigeria’s Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, has denounced the Israeli security forces for what he termed as “blatant violations of press freedom and human rights” in the ongoing conflict in Palestine. Speaking at the Extraordinary Session of the Islamic Conference of Information Ministers in Istanbul, Idris urged his counterparts to ensure a conducive environment for media operations and to resist any efforts to distort the realities of the humanitarian situation in Palestine.

He emphasized the importance of strategic communication, advocacy, and collaboration to support journalists reporting on human rights abuses against Palestinians. Idris stressed the significance of upholding press freedom, freedom of expression, and the right to information as essential components of democracy and good governance.

Represented by Ambassador Zayyad Abdul-Salam, Nigeria called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and reiterated its support for a two-state solution to address the crisis, emphasizing the rights and sovereignty of both Palestinians and Israelis.

The conflict in Palestine has escalated since October, with Israel launching airstrikes on Gaza in response to attacks by Hamas fighters. Concerns have been raised over the deliberate targeting of journalists and media outlets in Gaza, with reports of restrictions on access and communication for reporters. The Committee to Protect Journalists has reported the deaths of at least 88 journalists and media workers since October 7.

The Islamic Conference of Information Ministers, comprising 57 member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, adopted a resolution condemning Israeli aggression and expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people and journalists.

According to reports, the death toll in Gaza from Israeli attacks since October 7 stands at 29,410 Palestinians, with 69,465 injured. The revised death toll in Israel from the same period is reported as 1,139.

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