The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) is set to convene in anticipation of critical discussions between the Federal Government and organized labor concerning the new minimum wage. The primary goal is to establish a living wage that aligns with the current cost of living in the country.

This development comes as the NLC expresses its unwavering determination despite recent attacks on workers and their leaders in Imo State. The Congress sees these assaults as a severe threat to constitutional rights and international labor conventions safeguarding freedom of association and collective bargaining.

During the NLC 2023 Harmattan School’s opening session themed “Building Workers Skills for Policy Engagement” in Abuja, NLC President Joe Ajaero, represented by Deputy President Benjamin Anthony, emphasized the persistence of their cause in the face of adversity.

Ajaero stated, “Despite adversity and brutality faced while advocating for workers’ rights to fair income and benefits, our determination remains resolute. We are committed to improving working conditions in both formal and informal sectors.”

He strongly condemned the recent assaults in Imo State, calling for the state government’s attention to labor issues, including the reinstatement of allegedly dismissed workers, settlement of outstanding salaries and pensions, and rectification of all victimized workers’ statuses.

Amid the challenging economic conditions exacerbated by the removal of petroleum subsidies, Ajaero highlighted the profound difficulties faced by workers and stressed the impact of well-compensated labor on national development and productivity.

He urged participants at the training to actively engage in seeking knowledge and sharing experiences with facilitators and peers.

The NLC President extended gratitude to various attendees, including government representatives, the International Labour Organization, Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association, and other stakeholders for their presence at the 2023 School’s opening session.

The impending discussions between the Federal Government and the NLC aim to address the pressing need for a fair and sustainable minimum wage, reflecting the current economic realities faced by Nigerian workers.