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Nigerian Military Apprehends Notorious Bandit Leader, Kachalla, in Sokoto

Nigerian Military Apprehends Notorious Bandit Leader, Kachalla, in Sokoto

In a significant breakthrough for national security, the Nigerian military has reportedly captured Kachalla Duna Tagirke, a notorious bandit kingpin known for his reign of terror in Sokoto state. This development was disclosed by Zagazola Makama, a prominent counterinsurgency expert and security analyst in the Lake Chad region, through a post on his social media handle.

Kachalla, operating under the command of Bello Turji Kachalla, has been a key figure in the spate of banditry plaguing northern Nigeria, particularly in Zamfara, Sokoto, and Niger states. Turji, notorious for his brazen activities, has previously accused the government of complicity in banditry and profiting from the chaos.

In 2022, following an aerial bombardment of his stronghold by military jets, Turji accused government officials of reneging on a peace treaty and inciting violence. Despite previous declarations of accepting peace agreements, Turji narrowly escaped death in subsequent airstrikes on his residence.

The Defence Headquarters declared Turji and 18 other terrorists wanted in November 2022, placing a substantial bounty on their heads. Turji, in response to the attacks on his base, criticized the government for violating peace treaties and endangering innocent lives.

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Reports have surfaced of residents in Zamfara State paying exorbitant sums, including N10.5 million in Moriki town, to Turji as part of a “peace deal fee” to safeguard their communities from attacks. This disturbing trend underscores the pervasive fear and desperation among local populations affected by banditry.

The apprehension of Kachalla marks a significant victory in the fight against insecurity in Nigeria. It highlights the military’s commitment to dismantling criminal networks and restoring peace and stability to affected regions. However, challenges persist, and concerted efforts are required to address the root causes of banditry and ensure lasting security for all Nigerians.