Nigerian Military Declares Preparedness for Modern Warfare, Embraces Cutting-Edge Technology. In a recent interview, Dr Bello Matawalle, the Minister of State for Defence, asserted that the Nigerian military is fully equipped and prepared for modern warfare driven by advanced technology.

Fresh from a visit to Turkey, Matawalle highlighted the acquisition of state-of-the-art attack helicopters, some of which have already been stationed in Lagos. The Minister emphasized that these technological advancements are not exclusive to the Army but also extend to the Navy and the Air Force.

This government, under the leadership of the President, has provided us with everything we need to carry out our duties effectively. We have no reason to complain; we are ready to face the challenges before us,” Matawalle stated confidently during the interview in Abuja.

He underscored the commitment to embracing modern technology and expressed pride in the nation’s achievements, urging Nigerians to acknowledge the government’s efforts.

With the support we’ve received, we are well-prepared for any challenges that come our way. Nigerians should be proud of this government, and we, in turn, are thrilled to work for the country. We invite everyone to assess our performance and commend the President, the Ministry of Defence, and our military for a job well done,Matawalle asserted.

Moreover, Matawalle highlighted the thorough preparation of Nigerian soldiers for contemporary challenges. He revealed that comprehensive training programs, both domestically and internationally, ensure that military personnel are well-prepared to operate advanced equipment.

“Our soldiers undergo training within and outside the country to handle the latest equipment. Our training institutions, such as the Defence College, are not only capable but also attract participants from countries like Germany and Japan. These nations send their military personnel here for training courses, reflecting the global recognition of the proficiency of our institutions,” Matawalle explained.

The Minister of State for Defence concluded by expressing confidence in the capabilities of the Nigerian military, assuring the public that they are dedicated to safeguarding the nation with the utmost professionalism and preparedness.