Non-Profit Urges FCT Council Chairs to Oversee Community Projects

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The Crusade for Greater Nigeria on Poverty Eradication and Social Justice, a non-profit organization, has urged the chairpersons of the six FCT area councils to actively monitor projects within their communities.

Prosper Okafor, the founder and president of the organization, emphasized this call in Abuja on Monday, citing the construction of rural roads across the six area councils by FCT Minister, Mr. Nyesom Wike, as a testament to President Bola Tinubu’s dedication to changing the rural landscape in the FCT.

Okafor stressed the importance of close monitoring by the area council chairpersons to ensure timely and successful project completion. He also emphasized the need for residents and relevant stakeholders, particularly those in communities where projects are located, to take ownership and protect ongoing projects from vandalism.

Highlighting the significance of supporting Wike’s efforts to transform rural areas through infrastructure development, especially roads, Okafor called upon the area council chairpersons to extend their full support.

“The road projects are situated in rural areas, making it imperative for the residents of these communities to ensure smooth progress without hindrance to the contractors,” Okafor stated, emphasizing the importance of stakeholders prioritizing the welfare of the people over personal sentiments.

It is crucial, he added, for all stakeholders to collaborate for the collective benefit of the communities involved.