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OFWA Introduces Kiwix4School App to Enhance Education Access in FGBC, Wuye

To address challenges faced by students in accessing internet-based educational resources, the Open Foundation West Africa (OFWA) has launched the Kiwix4School app at the Federal Government Boys College (FGBC) in Wuye, Abuja. The initiative, implemented by OFWA in collaboration with the Wikimedia Foundation, aims to provide students with offline access to educational materials.

Ms. Obiageli Ezeilo, Assistant Director at the Federal Ministry of Education and a Kiwix ambassador, inaugurated the app on Thursday. She highlighted that Kiwix serves as a vital complement to education by offering offline educational content, thereby overcoming issues related to internet connectivity that are commonly experienced in Africa and Nigeria.

Ezeilo emphasized that the app would be a game-changer for FGBC, effectively mitigating challenges associated with internet access. The Kiwix4School app allows educational content to be downloaded directly onto the school’s system, offering a controlled environment free from unnecessary internet interference. Ezeilo also noted that this would lead to cost savings, as there would no longer be a need to constantly purchase data.

FGBC was selected as the pilot test site for the Kiwix4School project, with plans to extend the initiative to other schools in the future. Ezeilo emphasized that the benefits of the app extend not only to students but also to teachers.

Mrs. Marian Ifejika-Tor, Assistant Director at the Federal Ministry of Education, currently serving at FGBC Wuye, emphasized that the app would significantly enhance students’ learning experiences, particularly when it comes to accessing information and resource materials for assignments.

Andrew Onomuakpokpo, Head Boy of FGBC, Wuye, expressed gratitude to the foundation for introducing the Kiwix4School initiative to his school. He praised the project for its potential to accelerate learning and improve computer skills. Similarly, Donald Akubuilo, the school’s Labour Prefect, lauded the app for revolutionizing the learning process and providing a rich repository of materials to boost academic performance.

The introduction of the Kiwix4School app represents a significant step towards revolutionizing education access in Abuja, offering students a platform to learn and grow in an increasingly digital age.

Sunday Abiodun is a lifestyle Blogger on AbujaBuzz and a tech savvy, an Undergraduate in the University, Kwara State. Sunday Abiodun loves to write and acquire more knowledge.

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