Peter Obi Condemns Hunger Crisis: Nigeria Unified by Starvation

Peter Obi

Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate in the 2023 elections, has expressed deep concern over the tragic events that unfolded at the Nigerian Customs Service’s Zonal Office in Yaba, Lagos.

In a message posted on X, Obi addressed the recent stampede resulting in the loss of lives as Nigerians scrambled to purchase affordable 25kg sacks of rice. He highlighted the dire state of suffering, hunger, and malnutrition prevalent in the country, stating that the national economy is currently facing one of its most challenging periods.

Obi emphasized the alarming increase in the population classified as multidimensionally poor, reaching nearly 80% of the populace. He criticized the government’s resource allocation, pointing out significant expenditures on unnecessary projects while neglecting the living conditions of ordinary citizens.

In his statement, Obi highlighted the unprecedented levels of food inflation, exceeding 35%, coupled with soaring unemployment rates, which pose serious threats to the predominantly youthful population.

He lamented the emergence of stark hunger as a national epidemic, leading to widespread protests over food scarcity and affordability. Obi noted that these hunger protests have united people across various divides, including ethnicity, language, region, faith, and location.

Obi criticized the government’s expenditure on lavish projects such as expensive office and residence renovations instead of prioritizing essential needs like healthcare and food security. He highlighted the mismanagement of borrowed resources, which should have been invested in productive sectors like food production to ensure an ample food supply for the nation.

Concluding his statement, Obi underscored the grim reality of Nigeria being unified by hunger and starvation to the extent that people are struggling to survive.