Political Crisis Unfolds in Niger as President Mohamed Bazoum ‘Detained’ by His Own Guards

Niger Republic President Bazoum

In a stunning turn of events, Niger President Mohamed Bazoum finds himself under detainment by members of the Presidential Guard, as disclosed by a source close to the President on Wednesday. The situation has escalated, with the army issuing an “ultimatum” to the disgruntled guards, adding to the uncertainty and tension surrounding the incident.

The President’s residence and offices have been sealed off by the guards, who have taken control of the situation. Despite attempts at negotiation, talks broke down, leading to the unexpected detention of President Bazoum. The source emphasized that the Presidential Guard has thus far refused to release the President, leading to further concern over the unfolding events.

President Bazoum came to power through a democratic election in 2021, taking the helm of Niger, a country known for its economic challenges and susceptibility to coup attempts. His election was hoped to bring stability and progress to one of Africa’s poorest nations.

As the situation continues to evolve, both within Niger and on the international stage, the developments surrounding President Bazoum’s detainment are being closely monitored. The country’s political landscape remains uncertain, and efforts to resolve the crisis are of utmost importance to safeguard peace and uphold democratic principles in the region.

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