Residents of Sabon Lugbe, Abuja, Call for Urgent Action on Deteriorating Access Road.The community nestled within Lugbe District in Abuja, are raising urgent calls for government intervention to address the alarming deterioration of the community’s sole access road. Speaking to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday, residents of Aso and Taproot Estates highlighted the critical state of the infrastructure, emphasizing the dire need for immediate action.

Sabon Lugbe encompasses various estates and settlements, including Sallybest Estate, Daysprig Estate, Vergas Estate, KYC Estate, among others. The road in question serves as the primary link between the community and the Airport Road, crucial for accessing other parts of the city.

Mr. Folorunsho Okeji, Chairman of the Aso Estate Residents Association, expressed grave concerns about the road’s condition, stressing that it has been the lifeline for the community for two decades. Constructed by Aso Savings and Loans, the road faces imminent threats, particularly from the central culvert, a crucial drainage system on the verge of collapsing. Okeji warned that its collapse would not only impact residents but also neighboring settlements and the water flow in the area.

The deteriorating road has suffered significant erosion, prompting residents to place expired tires in hazardous areas to caution drivers. Okeji highlighted the increasing strain on the road due to burgeoning developments over the past seven years, leading to heavy traffic from construction vehicles, notably trucks transporting building materials. He emphasized that while residents and estates had attempted self-help measures, the situation has escalated beyond their capacity and is rapidly becoming more challenging and costly to manage.

If nothing is done now, the road might not survive another rainy season, severing our connection and plunging the community into real trouble.” Okeji cautioned

Echoing these concerns, Mr. Mathias Ebiega, Chairman of the Taproot Estate Residents Association, appealed to authorities for immediate assistance. He emphasized the road’s progressive deterioration over the past three years, despite community efforts to mitigate erosion using sandbags, which have proven futile against persistent rains.

Dr. Babatunde Abegunde, a long-time resident, decried the lack of proportional infrastructural development despite the area’s increasing population and economic activities. He described the situation as a ticking time bomb, warning that the bridge on the road might collapse imminently, isolating the community from the expressway.

The sentiment was shared by Mr. Matthew Babatunde, a former Chairman of the Taproot Estate Residents Association, who emphasized the need for tangible benefits corresponding to the tenement fees paid by residents. Urging various government bodies, including AMAC, Federal Government, Federal Housing Authority, and Ministry of Works and Housing, he pleaded for immediate intervention to prevent an impending disaster.

The collective plea from residents underscores the urgency of the situation, with fears that another rainy season could exacerbate the road’s condition, potentially cutting off the entire community from essential connections. As these voices grow louder, the community looks to government bodies for swift action to avert an impending crisis in Sabon Lugbe.