Royal Ambassadors Charity Home Calls for an End to Harmful Widows Practices. Royal Ambassadors Charity Home has taken a bold stance against harmful cultural practices targeting widows in Nigeria, emphasizing the need to put an end to these prejudicial customs. This call was made by Amb. Jonathan Okwudiri, the Executive Director of the organization, during the inauguration of the Abuja executive working team of the charity home.

Okwudiri stressed that it is imperative to halt the maltreatment of widows and other vulnerable women in society, allowing them to exercise their rights as citizens. He condemned those perpetuating these acts, asserting that they are callous and insensitive to the suffering endured by widows under the guise of culture and tradition.

Expressing concern for the silent suffering of these victims, Okwudiri stated, “It is a debt society owes itself as a mutually functional growing unit to protect the vulnerable ones among them. I have discovered that in Nigeria, widows are neglected, victimised, intimidated and humiliated.”

He also pointed out that widows who do not have male children face further challenges from the relatives of their late husbands, who attempt to claim the assets acquired before his passing.

To combat this injustice, Okwudiri revealed that the organization has assembled a team of advocates and human rights activists dedicated to championing the rights of widows, encompassing their protection and well-being. This initiative will include lobbying for legislation by the National Assembly to safeguard the rights and privileges of widows.

Highlighting the existing gap in protective legislation, Okwudiri noted, “We are very much aware that there is no specific law in Nigeria that protects widow’s right unlike the People with Disabilities and children that have laws passed for their protection.”

Additionally, the organization is committed to empowering widows through skill acquisition and providing free healthcare services. A multipurpose cooperative society has been established to extend loans and agricultural empowerment packages to members.

Okwudiri appealed to government bodies, corporate organizations, civil society groups, and individuals to support the empowerment programs aimed at widows.

Addressing the public, Mrs. Dorcas Ameh, the National Coordinator of People with Disabilities, urged for a shift in perception, advocating for support that encourages self-reliance among PWDs.

Amb. Goodluck Ikiebe, speaking on behalf of the newly inaugurated Abuja Chapter executive working team, expressed gratitude to the organization’s leadership for entrusting them with this responsibility. He pledged their unwavering commitment to achieving the organization’s objectives.

The Royal Ambassadors Charity Home was established with the mission to provide assistance, care, and empowerment to orphans, widows, People with Disabilities (PWDs), abandoned children, destitute individuals, the impoverished, and other vulnerable members of society.