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School Construction in Rural Abuja.

Africa Arise International Initiates School Construction in Rural Abuja, Advocates for Government Intervention

Africa Arise International has embarked on a significant initiative by initiating the construction of an eight-classroom school, complete with portable water and electricity, in the remote Wasa 2 village, located in the Apo area of the Federal Capital Territory.

The launch of this school comes as the community raises its voice, appealing to the government for additional schools and healthcare centers to cater to the needs of the inhabitants.

Wasa 2, situated within a hilly landscape less than two hours’ drive from the Presidential Villa, Aso Rock, Abuja, is a sparsely populated rural community grappling with insufficient educational facilities. The only basic education school in the area has proven inadequate for the growing population of children in the community.

Mike Arnold, the Founder of Africa Arise International and also the Mayor of Blanco, Texas, United States of America, shared that the NGO’s establishment in 2019 was driven by a commitment to build schools in rural Nigerian communities. The aim was to provide education to the underprivileged, emphasizing the crucial role education plays in societal development.

Arnold expressed his deep affection for Nigeria and its people, highlighting his motivation to contribute to Nigeria’s rise to prominence in future generations. He recounted his poignant encounter with the Kuchingoro Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in Abuja back in 2019, where he was deeply moved by the suffering and loss experienced by the residents. The pivotal moment arose when a woman from the camp pleaded for assistance in educating the children. Subsequently, Africa Arise International responded by establishing a school in Kuchingoro, witnessing a positive transformation among the students who started aspiring for various professions.

The NGO’s presence in Wasa has unveiled a lack of accessible free education for children in the area. Working in collaboration with the village chief, the NGO procured land and laid the cornerstone for the construction of the new school. Arnold emphasized the critical nature of education, likening the deprivation of education to depriving individuals of oxygen. He urged fellow Nigerians residing nearby to join efforts in supporting the community.

Jed D’Grace, the co-founder of the group, stressed their commitment to aiding the less privileged, underlining the transformative impact education can have on society. He echoed the call for government assistance in alleviating the suffering of the vulnerable population.

Johanna Mgbako, the chief of Wasa 2 village, expressed gratitude for the intervention, highlighting the substantial benefits the new school would offer the youth in accessing basic education. She emphasized the community’s longstanding struggle with inadequate educational infrastructure and echoed the plea for more schools and healthcare facilities from the government.

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