Shabach Hour: Artist of the week Show Starring Kenzo Richie and Others


Shabach Hour: Artist of the week Show Starring Kenzo Richie and Others

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Shabash Hour With Kenzo Richie

Are you ready to embark on a musical journey that celebrates the power of faith and the joy of music? Join us on the 6th of October for a special edition of the Shabach Hour on Armed Forces Radio 107.7 FM. In this exclusive episode, we shine a spotlight on three exceptional artists: Kenzo Richie, Georgina GNC, and Blessing O.

An Inspirational Hour

At Shabash Hour, we believe in the uplifting and transformative power of music. That’s why our theme for this special evening is “Let’s keep praising God.” In a world filled with challenges and uncertainties, this theme reminds us of the importance of faith, hope, and gratitude. Join us as we come together to celebrate the goodness of God through the universal language of music.

Meet the Featured Artists

  1. Kenzo Richie: With a soulful voice and a heart full of passion, Kenzo Richie is set to touch your spirit with his music. His songs are not just melodies; they are heartfelt prayers that resonate with audiences of all backgrounds.
  2. Georgina GNC: Georgina GNC is a rising star known for her powerful vocals and soul-stirring lyrics. Her music reflects a deep connection to her faith, and her performances are nothing short of awe-inspiring.
  3. Blessing O: Blessing O brings a unique blend of contemporary and traditional gospel music. Her songs are a testament to the enduring power of praise and worship.

Join Us Live on Facebook

If you can’t tune in to Armed Forces Radio, don’t worry! You can also be part of this memorable night by joining us live on Facebook. Follow @ShabachHour on Facebook to catch all the action, interact with fellow viewers, and share your own messages of faith and praise.

Save the Date

Mark your calendars for October 6th, and get ready to be moved by the melodious voices and heartfelt performances of Kenzo Richie, Georgina GNC, and Blessing O. Let’s come together to keep praising God and find solace in the beauty of music.

Shabash Hour is not just a radio show; it’s a celebration of faith, hope, and the unifying power of music. We can’t wait to share this unforgettable evening with you. Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to be inspired.

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